Become a Youth/Campus Ambassador

You can make a difference.

Change the world by joining the International Youth Society. You’ll make sure that your voice is heard when we speak to young people, diplomats, and ambassadors around the world, the United Nations, European Union, and Organization on whole world. Join now to stand up for human dignity and be counted in defending the most vulnerable.

Leaders who are Young in thought and action become ambassadors of IYS. 

As an ambassador you can:

  • Join with young people who stand up for the dignity of each human person
  • Receive the IYS Newsletter, which updates you on news at the United Nations, advocacy work, events for you to participate in, contests, internship and career opportunities
  • Representation of IYS in local, regional area
  • Have the opportunity to participate in our training program and qualify for special IYS conferences and internships
  • Participate in local, regional and global conferences and events